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Friday 16 October 2009

This Blogging Lark

When i first started writing blogs back in May (?), i said then that i had no idea where this might lead & how often i might post.
Well, it has been a bit of a hit & miss affair. But, i'm now really starting to get into writing these blogs. I find that they compliment the videos i make at YouTube & give me yet another avenue for my thoughts. That was always the intention. But, as i said, you're never sure how these things will work out are you?

Recently, i've been posting one blog a day & it's becoming a bit of a habit.
If you've read any of the blog posts i've put up this week, you may have noticed that they are not exactly short! Now anyone who has seen my YouTube videos will know that i do have a bit of a reputation for making long videos & for talking at length. So, that will come as no surprise to them.
Also, the blogs i have posted recently could have been a lot longer & i've found myself having to edit myself, or stopping myself writing. I've also surprised myself with the amount that i've been able to write about these topics. A bit like my talking, when i start i find it hard to stop!

But, being new to this, i've been wondering what the "norm" is for the length of a blog post & whether that really matters? After all, this is supposed to be a personal way of expressing yourself. So, why should you have to edit yourself.

I'm sure that there is some kind of blogging etiquette that i'm not currently aware of. Maybe i should check? Not that i wish to be bound by what others tell me. Except for the rules of common decency, of course.
Another question is how often do people normally post? Is more than one post a day considered too much? And, once again, does it really matter?

So, do i let my thoughts & fingers run riot, or do i plan the blogs a little more & keep myself in check?
I guess that in the end i'll just treat every post as it comes & see where that takes me?


  1. Hi Andy, I think it is great that you are writing regular blogs, please keep it up! I think they are a great way of accompanying YouTube videos, to put more "meat on the bones" and provide links etc. A lot of Youtubers have blogs and websites for that reason, plus it can be a good revenue stream. Every little helps!

  2. I think "the norm" for length is however long you want your norm to be. Some people rarely post a blog that's any longer than they would put on twitter, and others write 2,000 words a day. Depends on the topic, mood, and author.

    But you mention editing yourself. I think that's a good thing. While extemperanious creation may suit well for your vlogs, taking a more measured approach to blogging could be how you choose to define which medium to use for which topics.

    Thomas Jefferson remarked that, "If I'd only had more time, I would have written so much less." By this he was stressing that you can often make a stronger point with brevity than with too many words. Not that I'm complaining, mind you ;^)

  3. Anthony: Thanks for the comment mate.
    What i envisage doing here is covering topics i might not cover on YT. Whatever takes my fancy really.
    How often that means i'll post a blog, i have no idea.

  4. Ken: I love that Thomas Jefferson comment. So true & very relevant too.
    Thanks for the pointers.