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Monday 18 June 2012

Don't You Just Hate It When.....?

A video inspired by a Tweet i posted earlier today.
Talking about the modern phenomenon of people fishing for stories, or ideas for content. When they obviously haven't got any ideas of their own.


  1. I fundamentally agree with you here: nothing to say, say nothing, though I do remember with some fondness the days when we were so thrilled by the technology that it seemed enough to blather on about whatever was occurring to us at the moment.

    I recently watched a video of a young woman making a cup of tea. No commentary, just the woman's hands going about their business: kettle filled and placed on the burner, cup taken from the cupboard and so on. I suspected the video was made out of boredom or a desire to communicate in the absence of anything to say. At first I felt annoyed but then I settled into the video, watched what was happening which was commonplace but not necessarily banal. No fancy Japanese tea ceremony, mind you, basically someone throwing a bag into a cup of hot water, but some care had been taken, the camera work unhurried and thoughtful. So I ended up liking the video very much for a number of reasons: out of an affinity for its creator, a liking for tea, the video's contemplative mood and the conceit of witnessing a private moment.

  2. Sometimes it's the simple things that make the most compelling viewing. I can well understand why that would have been good to watch. The fact that there were no words probably added to it?
    I hate those videos where people say, "I decided to make a video, but can't think of what to say, or talk about". Grr...