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Monday 11 May 2009

Blogs vs Vlogs.

It seems strange to me to be starting a blog, after over two years of making vlogs, over at YouTube. In some ways it feels like i'm going backwards, instead of forwards..
I've always been keen on & interested in new technology. So, to be only getting into blogging now, as opposed to several years ago like the majority of the inhabitants of cyberspace, is a little weird.

As i've said in numerous vlogs, i've always viewed vlogging as a better way of getting across what i have wanted to say. This is partly because i feel i can talk far better than i can write & people have told me i can talk for England in the past! It's also partly because i am also very conscious of the fact that text can be misunderstood so easily. I've lost count of the amount of times that an innocent remark, made in text, has been completely taken out of context & has provoked an angry reply. I'm sure we've all seen this on our time online.
I also find that when talking, i can let my mind wander more easily than when writing. I wonder if anyone else finds this. I suppose if i could type a lot faster this would not be so much of a problem. And i haven't even mentioned the spelling & punctuation!

One of the good things about writing though, is the ability to review what you've written & edit it where needed.
I have always tried to steer clear of editing my vlogs. Once again for more than one reason. One being my feeling that unedited vlogs are more natural & show you the real person, as opposed to how that person maybe wants to be viewed.
There is also the fact that i'm just plain lazy & don't really want to bother with all the editing. In fact i've just recorded a vlog than ran to over 15 minutes in length. I even lost my train of thought during the vlog & had to stop & then start again. Which is quite unusual for me. But, i still didn't edit the vlog. Apart from overlapping the two parts together. I'm not sure whether to post the video yet. But, i suspect that i will in the end. That's what normally happens. I make a vlog, more or less for myself & end up posting it anyway.

Another thing i've often thought & i could be very wrong with this. Is that i view writing to be more anonymous. Maybe it's the fact that you can't see the person who's "talking" to you, i don't know.
It could be anyone writing this couldn't it? But, with a vlog. You can see the person who is speaking. You can see the expression on their face & the look in their eyes. Something that doesn't always come across with the written word. Unless you're a very good writer that is.

So, although i feel that this is in someways a backward step for me. It does present a new challenge. Maybe that's why i've avoided, if that's the right word, blogging for as long as i have? I find vlogging relatively easy & writing a lot harder & far more time consuming. But, maybe practice will make perfect? Or, at least show an improvement.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting, the last point, about blogging being more anonymous. I suppose that could be true for people who will only find you and get to know you through a blog.

    On the other hand, while reading this, I could hear your voice clearly in my head.

    Conquering a new medium is never a backwards step, regardless of the age of the technology. I'm thinking of getting a quill and parchment, myself.