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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Reading In Bed.

Last night i got to the point where i couldn't work up too much enthusiasm for the Internet (shock, horror!) Well, it was cold & snowy.
What that has to do with the Internet, i have no idea. But, hey...
So, i thought, "i know what i'll do, i'll go to bed early & read my new book".

Now, anybody who reads in bed can probably guess what i'm going to say next?

Anyway, a few pages into the book & my eyes are starting to get tired & i find that i can hardly keep my eyes open! The book was fine, interesting & very readable, so why did this happen?
I'm afraid i can't answer that question, but it's something that always seems to happen.

You feel wide awake. But, as soon as you get into bed, open that book & start to read. Suddenly, it's as if a switch has been turned on & before you know it, you can't keep your eyes open.

Now, i know that i'm not alone in this happening to me. So, i guess i can console myself with that. But, nevertheless, it is bloody annoying.

One of the worst aspects is that you end up reading the same page, or pages over & over again. You have to keep going back, trying to find the place, or page that you can actually remember reading. Another aspect, is that it obviously ends up taking far longer to read a book, which may well end up putting you off bothering next time around.

So, is reading in bed a bad idea?
I tend to think not. At least you are reading in the first place. Which can only be a good thing.
It's far better, in my opinion, than watching the TV.

So many people watch the TV in bed & use it as an aid to sleeping. For relaxation yes, but as an aid for sleeping? I've even heard people say that they need to have the TV on to actually get them off to sleep. Personally, that's one thing that i just don't understand.
Maybe, somebody can tell me why that is?

I fully intend to keep on reading. After all, i enjoy it too much to stop. But, maybe i should try & do it before i get into bed?
That way i might be able to fool my eyes into thinking it's actually alright for them to remain open.
At least for a while anyway.


  1. I can never seem to get comfortable reading in bed. I'm either in a comfy lying position, and don't want to hold the book up, or I've got the book propped up nicely, but I'm on my elbows trying to see it.

    I believe I speak for most Americans when I say that the proper place to read a book is on the toilet.

  2. Maybe i get a little too comfortable & that's why i seem to want to go to sleep so quickly?

    Reading on the toilet is something i've never done, although i know it is a popular pastime!

  3. I have a problem of a talkative wife, so reading in bed is next to impossible. I finish more of a book in the toilet in one day than a month trying to read in bed