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Tuesday 29 June 2010

Jog Blog No.2

As promised in "Jog Blog (Well, sort of)" here's the second installment detailing my recent running progress. Or, more accurately, the lack of it.
As mentioned in that first blog, I had finally started running again, after a 4 month lay off.
The first run went very well and i felt a great deal better than i thought it would. Those first few runs are always a bit of a worry. You are never quite sure how your body will react to that sudden exertion. And, let's face it, I'm not getting any younger!
Three days later, Wednesday, I went out for another run. A run of similar length, approx 3 miles. As before, I took it all pretty leisurely. After all, the object is for this to be enjoyable, isn't it?
I guess I'm lucky in that I've always enjoyed running. I feel very sorry for those people who feel that they "have" to run, for whatever reason. I know of many people like that. I can think of nothing worse than having to do something that you really don't enjoy. Especially, when it involves exercise.
I've also been lucky in that I actually enjoy running on my own. This is fairly unusual, from what I can tell. I've always been happy with my own company and use the time to think and generally, just enjoy the view and the experience. I've also never used an iPod, or similar, when running either. This is partly because I think they can be dangerous. But also because I've just never felt the "need" to. I like to enjoy the natural sights and sounds, as I run along.
Anyway, the run went well, as before.
After 20+ years of running, I have got used to listening to my body and can tell if there might be a problem. With my legs, or body for example. Throughout my running "career" I've suffered various injuries, as is to be expected. Hence that listening process. Especially after such a long lay off. I was even encouraged that my legs had not ached afterwards, as much as I'd feared that they might.
All was looking good, Or, so I thought.
Thursday morning dawned bright, sunny and very normal in the leg and body department. No aches, or pains and no signs of any after effects from my recent runs.

By now, anyone reading this, must have realised that something is going to happen and you'd be right.

Well, as with all the best incidents, it all happened so suddenly and unexpectedly.
I tried to get up from the armchair and felt my right knee "go". Now I realise that 'go" is not really the most descriptive word to use and it's certainly not a medical explanation. But, it's the best I can come up with to try and explain what happened and what it felt like. The sensation was as if my leg could collapse at any time.
Now, I've had things like this happen before, as I suspect a lot of people have. Usually, my knee will sort itself out after a bit of walking around, or stretching. But, this time was different. All my normal methods of trying to sort it out didn't work and as the day wore on, my knee felt worse and worse. It also started to swell up. Which has not happened before.
By the end of the day I could hardly walk and was having to be very careful when trying to move around.
As you'd expect, I went to the Doctor on the Friday, to see what they could do and to ask what might be the cause. Unfortunately, because of the swelling, the Doctor could not give a full diagnosis. So, here I am, a few days later, wearing a knee bandage and taking anti-inflammatory tablets to try and reduce the swelling. I have a further Doctors appointment, next week, when he hopes to finally figure out what the problem might be.
In the meantime I'm still hobbling around. As it happens, the swelling has gone down a lot and my knee feels a lot better than it did. So much so, that I can walk fairly normally, albeit slowly. I'm taking this as a good sign. When the injury first happened, I couldn't straighten out my right leg. Now, at least, I can do that and it feels far more comfortable. Thankfully.
But, now my thoughts are turning to the future and they are rasing many questions.
Is this a permanent injury? and will I ever be able to run again? being just two of them.
As somebody, on Facebook, said to me the other day. Maybe this is just a case of my body telling me that I'm not getting any younger and that i need to slow down a bit. Or, at least, start to think a little more about what i actually try to do with my body?
And that's a fair point. Hmm....
To be continued...

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