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Sunday 18 July 2010

Social Media & Me.

One of the new things that has happened to many of us, over the past few years, is the rise of social media. Whether we know what that really means, or not. Most of us have been affected by it in some way or other.

If you are reading this blog post, you are involved. If you are on Facebook, post videos on YouTube, photos on Flickr, or tweets on Twitter, you are involved. And that's just naming some of those sites that have become household names. There are plenty more where they came from & more are appearing all the time, as people try & get in on the act & attempt to plug any unfilled gaps in the social media market.

If i had written this blog post even two years ago, there is a very good chance that far fewer people would either, read it, or know what i was talking about. The past couple of years, especially, has seen a huge rise in the take up amongst social media sites. I think that Facebook can take most of the "credit" for that. Although Twitter isn't that far behind.
I read a statistic recently saying that, if Facebook were a country, it would now be the worlds third largest! So, you can't argue that social media isn't getting people involved.

Hardly a week goes by without the old fashioned media of TV & newspapers covering a "news" story about Facebook, or YouTube. Social media has become big news. But, i suspect that many people don't really understand the term "social media", or have no idea what it really means.

I can't pretend to understand it all myself. But, i have had an active YouTube channel for very nearly four years now & have had accounts on many other social networking sites for almost as long.
It is a topic that interests me a great deal & something i have become quite passionate about, over those years. I have  recorded many YouTube videos & written several blog posts about it too. Just search my blog tags for words such as, "youtube", "Facebook" & "Twitter" and you will see what i mean!
Somebody actually commented on a recent YouTube video of mine saying, "Seriously, your children must be well impressed to have a Father who's well known on YouTube and maybe knows more about social networking and the Internet than they do, or most parents"

So, i thought that i might try and start to write a bit more about this subject. Especially as my life circumstances have changed recently and in such a way that may enable me to write a bit more freely about my social media adventures and history.

I must admit, that i have been partly inspired to do this by a felow social media adventurer, Rich.
Rich is a releatively new convert to the world of social nedia & i have mentioned him in YouTube vlogs before. He has started vlogging & blogging about his experiences & this has, in some ways, re-awakened my own enthusiasm. Thanks Rich.
You can find Rich here:
His YouTube channel - World According to Rich
His blog - worldaccordingtorich

I did think about starting up a separate blog for these posts. But, then i thought that as i've written & vlogged so much about this in the past & posted them here. That i might just as well contiue to do so. Apart from that, it does make it easier for me. I have plenty of other sites that i post to, without adding yet another one!

So, there you go. When you see, hopefully, an increased amount of blog posts about the world of social media & social networking, at least you'll now know why.

All i need now are some topics to discuss.


  1. It's odd to think of it, but I've been on Blogspot for over nine years now, and YouTube for nearly four. I was an early member of Friendster (back before there as MySpace and Facebook), and I could go on and on.

    As I said, it's odd, but I suppose I've a social media pioneer, and someday I may be able to say that without laughing. But it's been a great journey and I look forward to your future posts on the subject.

  2. I think we're all pioneers Ken. Especially as we've been on YT for four years.
    The fact that you were blogging before then makes you a real early adopter. I'd love to hear your own story.

  3. Social media is interesting. It will be interesting to see Rich develop his style. I'm looking forward to seeing what you put out these days Andy! I know you have a lot to say!

  4. Steve: I just love to see Rich's enthusiasm & he has certainly helped re-kindle mine too.
    Yes, i do seem to have a lot to say don't i? I often wonder where it all comes from. LOL