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Friday 20 August 2010

A Spanish Holiday - Part 2

Blogging by the pool.

So, here we are in Orgiva for the third time. All three times have been in different rental properties and in slightly different areas of the town. Which does give a bit of variety and also ensures that, although you are staying in the same town, you do see things differently every visit and notice something new every time.

This does bring up that question of whether it is better, or more preferable, to holiday in the same place every year. Or, whether you should try somewhere new?
I'll admit, that if you'd asked me this question a few years ago, i would probably have said that it would be better to go somewhere new. After all, the familiar is all very good. But, where's the variety and excitement in that?
Now though and as much as i'd love to visit new places. There us something good and maybe even reassuring, about going on holiday to somewhere that you know and are comfortable in. Especially if you are travelling with your family. That family element makes a big difference. You have to have found the right place of course. But, i believe that we have.

This also raises that old question about the difference between a holiday and travelling.
Personally, i would consider this to be a holiday. Travelling, for me, means going somewhere different and exploring the area a bit more. This holiday is really all about relaxing and there's nothing wrong with that. But, i certainly wouldn't call it travelling.

For the first time in Spain, we don't even have a car. That shows how much "travelling" we intend to do this time around!
This decision was made for a few reasons. One was the sudden rise in the price of car rentals in Spain. The cost was getting ridiculous, especially if all you are using the car for is basically to get to and from the airport. Plus a bit of driving around town.
Another reason was that, for the first time, we are actually within walking distance of the town centre. That makes a great difference and is really very useful. I'm not a big fan of driving at the best of times. So, to have the centre of Orgiva on your doorstop was a big consideration and a big bonus, when renting this property.
Another aspect, was that the owners of the property, who live next door, were prepared to come and pick us up from Malaga airport. That's a 90 minute car journey, each way. Ok, they charge us for that service. But, it sure works oiut a lot cheaper than renting a car for essentially the same thing.

So, we are now happliy settled into our holiday home and we're all getting into our own routines.

As i mentioned before. This year we have brought my daughter and her friend along with us, as our son has basically flown the family holiday nest and is too busy with his girlfriend. The experience of holidaying with three women, two of whom are 16 years old, is an interesting one, to say the least! But, to be fair to them, it's all working out. So far at least. And having my daughters friend along is great company for her and didn't cost us any extra money. So, it's all good.

It is amazing how you can slip into a completely different way of life, a brand new routine and in a foreign country too. The fact that you are not tied by time in any way obviously helps.
Mornings are spent lazing around, or blogging by the pool. The afternoons are spent sunning ourselves and lying by the pool.

The sun is shining and life is good.

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