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Sunday 3 October 2010

AudioBoo - Matt Monro and Me


Another story all about coincidences.


  1. When you mentioned Matt Monro, I immediately thought of "Racing with the Moon" which proved to be Vaughn Monroe's (the American baritone) signature song. But, yes, I certainly remember Matt with hits like "Born Free", "Softly as I Leave You", and "Walk Away," all of which had a plaintive quality. I can understand Sinatra's admiration for Monro. More than a passing similarity in the quality of their voices—a bit of self-love going on there on Frank's part?

  2. I'll be honest & say that i don't really know Matt Monro's music very well at all. It was only when i helped arrange that gig & met his son, that i found out all about him. An interesting character & with a very fine voice, by all accounts.
    Nothing like a bit of self love :)