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Monday 29 November 2010

AudioBoo - Policies and Power.


A bit of a political rant.


  1. I've been thinking about this with respect to our own political situation here in Canada and I think there are parallels. Currently the Conservatives are in power and I think the Liberals are having trouble defining themselves in opposition, at least in ways that hold out the possibility of being elected next time round. In the past, the Liberals have been associated with social programming and the redistribution of wealth, whereas on a personal level I think a lot of people (regardless of their political affiliation) are feeling that it's time to minimize expenditures and protect what they already have. In the midst of recovering (Are we?) from a recession, a conservative agenda of less government, fewer programs, and a business environment that encourages investment, seems more in line with the spirit of the times. This, I think, leaves parties to the left of centre in a bit of a quandary: How can they distinguish themselves without seeming spendthrift and naive?

  2. Good point & i think you're right. The same thing has happened over here.
    In the past the Labour party started to drift into traditional Conservative territory & now, the Conservative/Liberal coalition have moved more to the left.
    Everyone is confused & trying to fish for votes.