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Sunday 20 February 2011

Only The Technology Changes.

I was briefly listening to the radio this morning and heard about an article in todays Sunday Express. Not a newspaper i would normally go anywhere near, by the way.

In the article, they were worrying about the effect watching tv on the BBC iPlayer etc was having on the children of today. The fear being that children were turning up to school too tired to concentrate on their school work. Because they'd been sitting up in bed half the night watching tv programmes on their iPads, or smart phones.

And this is news?

I was doing exactly the same kind of thing about 40 years ago.
The only difference being that back then i was probably listening to Radio Luxembourg, or a pirate radio station, instead of watching tv.
Many other children at that time, were also hiding under the covers, but reading a book, or a magazine that they just couldn't put down, or it was something that they didn't want their parents to see them reading.

I'm sure we've all been in this situation at some time in our lives, especially as children?
The only difference today is that the technology has moved on in leaps and bounds. We've gone from books, magazines and medium wave radio to wireless Internet, iPads and smart phones.

I'm now a parent myself and i'd be very surprised if my children were not doing exactly as the Sunday Express "exposes".
Exactly what i did myself when i was a child, all those years ago.

People are just the same as they've always been. It's just the technology that changes.

And, rather ironically, Express Newspapers do have their very own iPad App should you want to download it.
So, you can read that article in the comfort of your own bed tonight.
Just don't tell your children!


  1. Children should not be exhausting themselves looking at the BBC on their iPads late at night! They should be out in the streets exhausting themselves drinking too much beer!

    It was good enough for me, and it's good enough for them!

  2. The kids of today eh? Stuck indoors indulging in all this new fangled technology when they could be out there getting wasted.
    No doubt, their time will come. It sure did with me ;)