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Monday 5 December 2011

AudioBoo - You'll Always Find Me Drumming In The Kitchen At Parties.

You"ll Always Find Me Drumming In The Kitchen At Parties. (mp3)

I've been meaning to teel this story for ages now.


  1. Your blog reminded me of my father's drumming. I have a vague sense that he was in a drum corps in his teens but no one's left to confirm that. In any case, this was the sort of thing that was played on the steering wheel of our 1955 Chevrolet, the outer plastic ring providing a meaty thump, the inner chrome ring a chiming accompaniment. He was also a wireless operator during the war, for which I'm told a sense of rhythm is helpful.

    When a witch declares herself, is she said to be coming out of the broom closet?

    I imagine you'd enjoy "Stomp," the theatre show that evolved into a dance troupe.

  2. Dugal: I never did any drumming apart from in the band & was completely self taught.
    I've seen clips of Stomp & i must say, it does look like good fun.