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Tuesday 11 June 2013

Hastings Rock on Mixcloud

I know that I may well have mentioned this before, but Hastings Rock radio station now has it's very own Mixcloud account and we've now started to upload some programmes to the site.

So far, we've only uploaded the four Local Music Shows that I presented during this years broadcast, two shows from the final night of the broadcast and also one of the Progressive Rock shows presented by Tony Bell. But, more may well follow.

You can find the Hastings Rock Mixcloud site here: Hastings Rock on Mixcloud

We chose to use Mixcloud, as opposed to another site such as Soundcloud, because Mixcloud pay PRS royalties. Therefore you can upload copyrighted music, knowing that you are doing so legally and that the artists will get royalties because of it.
The service is also free and has no upload limit.

Happy listening.


  1. Thanks, Andy, good to know. And thanks for your gracious reply to my last email. - Doug

  2. No problem Doug. Happy listening :)