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Monday 15 July 2013

Another Slice Of My 15 Minutes Is Up.

This is a recording of a report on BBC South East Today in which I appeared. It originally went out last Friday evening, 12th July.
It's all about the making of the video for David Bowie's song 'Ashes to Ashes', part of which was filmed near Hastings.

I shall be recording a video all about the experience in due course and explaining the lengths myself and the reporter went to to reach the video location!

As with all these things, most of what was recorded wasn't used in the final piece. I actually think this was the worst bit that I did.

Thanks to Paul for sorting out the video.


  1. So you hiked all the way out there, and Bowie didn't even show up? ;^)

    It must be nice to be the local music expert the press is always after.

  2. I was about 33 years too late for Bowie himself Ken.
    Yes, I do seem to be becoming that person, as I mentioned in a recent video. Can't say I'm complaining though as it's all good fun :)