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Monday, 14 December 2009


I was reading one of my favourite magazines this afternoon & a realisation suddenly struck me. (as to why i had the time to read a whole magazine, in one sitting, is another story completely btw)

That realisation was that, all of the magazines that i read & even subscribe to, are chock full of advertisments for high quality watches. And without exception, i find these adverts annoying.
I shan't name any of the companies involved. But, one of them uses a picture of a supposed father & son. Both of whom have awful haircuts, i might add.
How this is going to attract anyone to buy any of their products is beyond me.

Anyway, enough of that.
What i got thinking about was, who on earth buys & can afford to buy, these high cost watches? After all, somebody must do.

I'm naturally happy that people are, presumably, attracted by those adverts & that the companies actually advertise in my favourite magazines in the first place. After all, without those adverts, the magazine might not be able to afford to publish.

I fully realise that certain watches can be seen as some kind of status symbol & you do see them being worn by the great & good all the time.
How often have you seen the aftermath of a Formula One motor race & watched the leading drivers hurriedly put on their flashy watch, prior to the press conference?

Now, i'm obviously not a part of the target audience. Not being a multi-millionaire racing driver for a start. But, i can honestly say that i wouldn't want a watch like that even if i could afford one.
One reason for that is that i don't actually like wearing a watch & i know that i'm not alone in feeling that.

I need to wear a watch for work. But, as soon as i get home, i take that watch off & put it to one side. If i could, i would probably never wear one. And in this age when just about anyone now has a mobile phone, of some kind. Do we really need them anyway?

Isn't it amazing where a simple advert for a watch, or maybe that should be a timepiece, can lead?

Time, gentlemen please.


  1. I am still in the habit of wearing watches, yes, even though I could look at the time on my iPhone. But, can you believe it, the watch is easier to look at on the run.

    As to who's buying overly-expensive watches, I don't know. Even if I could afford a Rolex, I don't think I'd go for it. I like a cheap, but sturdy watch, because I know I'm going to bang my wrist (and watch) into door jambs, table tops, and other hard objects that do not care whether I paid $50 for the watch or $5,000 for it - either way, it's destined for scratches and cracks.

  2. Cheap, or even free watches work well enough for me. As you say, you always end up knocking them on something anyway. Just imagine doing that with an expensive watch.