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Monday 6 December 2010

AudioBoo - Camera Boo.


A new delivery.


  1. Very exciting. Looks like a great camera. I've been very pleased with my 9-year-old Canon Powershot S40 but its low-light performance has always left something to be desired. I've considered a DSLR but, like you, have wondered how much use I'd make of it. I'm sure you'll appreciate that large sensor and the flexibility of interchangeable lenses. Might also suggest new possibilities with video. There's a community of serious independent filmmakers who use DSLRs in their work.

    The new crop of small cameras with larger sensors and fast lenses (e.g., Canon Powershot S95) intrigue me, but the absence of an optical viewfinder is a deal breaker. I'll be interested in learning how you get on with your 500D. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks. It's really the flexibility that i'm after. When taking photos with my Sony Cybershot, good camera that it is, i've become a little frustrated at times by its limitations. Hence the desire for something better. Lets hope i do put that extra flexibility to good use :)