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Thursday, 16 December 2010

AudioBoo - That Friday Feeling.


Yes, i know it's only Thursday, but....
The holidays start here.


  1. Yup, snow can transform a familiar landscape into something quite extraordinary. Even when you live in an area that gets significant accumulations, a fresh snowfall in the gloom and grey of winter can really perk things up.

    I was a hospital worker for most of my working life and was often scheduled across the holidays. Some of my most memorable times were spent in the emergency department. Come December we braced ourselves for the wave of gallbladder attacks, depression, domestic assaults, heart attacks, obstructed airways, sprains, fractures and car accidents that accompanied the increase in activity, stress and indulgence of the holidays. But along with the general mayhem came genuine feelings of good will, silly gift exchanges and holiday potlucks. Not entirely bad, either, to be reminded of the hardship and heartache some of us are faced with during what is supposed to be a festive period and how lucky most of us are, most of the time.

    Enjoy your holidays at home. Sounds as if you've earned them.

  2. It's certainly been a weird year for my family & i'm sure i'll talk about this nearer the New Year.
    Christmas can bring out the best in people & the quirky things that happen are very welcome.
    Snow still has that ability to bring out the child in us, even at my age & i hope that continues. I intend to never lose that sense of wonder that snow usually brings.