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Monday 16 July 2012

Rain Rain Go Away.

I felt like turning on the camera & talking about the weather. Well, it's what us Brits do best isn't it?


  1. We're experiencing the heat (and drought) some of your American friends are, 33°C at present (3 p.m.). I noticed in the news this morning that a tourist association in the Netherlands is suggesting fining weather forecasters for inaccurate predictions — in their case, inaccurate gloomy forecasts that have led tourists to cancel holidays. Last week, hotel and restaurant owners in Belgium threatened to sue the country's weather network for the same reason. Can you imagine meteorologists having to take out liability insurance? Or else issuing mealy-mouthed forecasts full of qualifications. Wait a minute, isn't that what they do now?

  2. The head of the British Tourist Board has just been moaning about all the negative publicity about the UK weather & saying that it's frightening tourists away. Her point is that most foreign tourists don't come here for the weather, but for the sights & culture. She may well have a point. Nobody comes to the UK for the weather! ;)