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Tuesday 25 September 2012

'Graffiti and Street Art' on Flickr.

Sandcastles & snowLunch Is Served.Street Art With A View.Yes Please.St Leonards.Can You See The Join?
Comment.Locked Up.Chained.A Chain With A View.JFK et al.You heard the man.
Do you know where it is yet?Give a dog a bone.When the boat comes in.Chips ahoy!Builders sandwich.You're a star.
Sunbathing.Stewy CatStewy Pigeon.NoelStewy Snake 1.Stewy Snake 2.
Graffiti & Street Art, a set on Flickr.
Some of you who read, watch and listen to my random musings may well know that i also like to take photo's. Especially since i bought a new DSLR camera 2 years ago.

Some of you may even have ventured to my Flickr account, where i post some of those photo's?

Many of the photo's that i post onto Flickr do tend to be from my local Hastings and St Leonards area. There always seem to be photo opportunities, whatever the time of year.

One of the great things about my local area is the abundance of street art. Something that i love finding, admiring and also taking photo's of.

You may have read my blog post, "The 'scrabbleman' Trail", that i wrote a few months ago about the "scrabbleman" mystery?

For those of you who might be new here, or who have not seen any of what i've referred to above, i thought i'd post some links here.

My Flickr page has several photo albums, or sets on it. But, i thought i'd share a couple of them with you here.

This is the first one: "Graffiti and Street Art"

I hope you like it?

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