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Monday 3 September 2012

The DNA Test - The Results.

Yes, i know that this is a long video, but i wanted to give the full story.

Original DNA Test video:

The Genographic Project:

As mentioned, i am a member of haplogroup R1a1, M17 (Subclade R1a1a, M198).
If you've done this test yourself & know your own group, please let me know

Having found all this out, i'd now love to retrace my ancestors journey & visit those countries myself. Can't see that happening though.


  1. So you're related to all non-African males? Hey! Cousin! How're you doing?!

    Well, you certainly got far more detailed results than I did doing my test through Now I'm wondering if I should re-do it through the genographic project.

    Fascinating - thank you for sharing all this!

  2. Ken: I was amazed at the detail too. I realise that my results are going to be the same as many others, especially further back, but even so i'm very impressed.
    As i've said elsewhere, this just makes me want to know more. I've been poring over the atlas looking at the route my ancestors took.
    If you're thinking about it, i say go for it. I'd love to know your results & compare them.

  3. Hello Andy,

    I am also R1a1, M17. Got my results 3 weeks ago.
    I took the Genographic Test as well (Phase 1). Which Testing Kit did purchase (phase 1 or 2)?

    I was born in Gujarat, India and according to Genographic my ancestors arrived there 10,000 years ago.
    It looks like Genographic Phase 2.0 will provide much more detail than phase 1, and so I am planning to purchase that kit as well.

  4. Hi Jay. Good to hear from you & thanks for getting in touch. I'm guessing that i got the kit for Phase 1 & didn't know there was a Phase 2. Thanks for the info about that, i'll have to check their website.
    I got my results a couple of weeks ago myself, like you.

    I'm presuming that your results are exactly the same as mine then? I know my results said that people from the M17 group then moved as far as India and Iceland. Our ancestors obviously went in opposite directions around 10,000 years ago :)
    Fascinating stuff & i'd love to find out more and get more info.

  5. There are now several DNA databases in existence around the world. Some are private, but most of the largest databases are government controlled. The United States maintains the largest DNA database, with the Combined DNA Index System, holding over 5 million records as of 2007. The United Kingdom maintains the National DNA Database which is of similar size, despite the UK's smaller population.

  6. Whilst i realise that some Govt's do have a national DNA database, i don't see what that has to do with this video?
    The Genographic Project is purely for ancestral research and does not share anyone's DNA for any other purpose, as i'm sure i mentioned in the video.