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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Beige Magazine and the Scrabble Bomber.

In the current issue of Beige Magazine, Summer 2012 , there is an article on page 68/69 all about Hastings and St Leonards. (Also on page 35 of the PDF version)

The article mentions the recent "scrabbleman" series of artworks that i have blogged about in the past:
"A recent intriguing artistic development has been The Scrabble Bomber. A series of scrabble themed art works have been mysteriously appearing in all sorts of public places. No one knows who The Scrabble Bomber is but there are already guided walks being offered to view the latest musings from Hastings own scrabble brained Guerilla artist."

The article also includes one of my photo's of a "scrabbleman" piece and a link to this blog.

For those of you who might be visiting this blog because of reading that piece in Beige, here is a link to my "Scrabbleman Trail" blog post that i wrote in April. It might save you some searching:

The Scrabbleman Trail

The "trail" has been regularly updated since then and as far as i know, is up to date.

As for the "guided walks" that are mentioned. This is something that i have thought about doing and did mention to the writer of the article when i was contacted about it.

So, if anyone would like to have a guided walk, taking in the Scrabble Bomber/Scrabbleman pieces and also various other pieces of local street art, including a Banksy, some Ben Eine's, huge moths, many Stewy's Stencils and much more, please get in touch.

The walk should take around 2 hours and be approx 3 miles in length. There would be a charge of £5 per person and a minimum of 2 people would be needed for a walk to take place.
The guided walk can be booked on any day of the week, subject to availability and could start at either the St Leonards, or the Hastings Old Town end of the "trail".

I can be contacted by email at:
You can also follow me on Twitter at:

Beige is a free quarterly magazine for the LGBT community in London.

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