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Sunday 3 June 2012

That Was The Month That Was.

Another 28 days of Hastings Rock radio is now over & i thought i'd reflect on the month once again. This year was a little different, especially for me.


  1. Hi Andy,

    I completely understand how you might be feeling a sense of loss after this year's Hastings Rock broadcast. By month's end the station had become part of my routine. I often found myself tuning in across the day. If I as a listener felt glum after the last broadcast, how much more so you who'd been so much a part of things, not only hosting your own programs but providing support to others, both on-air and off? And, as you say, this year was different in significant ways.

    I had wondered whether the webcam made people feel self-conscious. On the other hand, I appreciated being able to see the people I was listening to. There was no doubt in my mind that the images added depth and pleasure to the experience; and often, depending on what was captured in any single frame, a note of intrigue, amusement, delight and charm. While perhaps not strictly necessary, and perhaps even intrusive, the webcam provided another glimpse of the genuine pleasure people took in each other and in interacting with listeners.

    Yes, it must have been a privilege to host that final hour. Nicely done, too: staff, sponsors, supporters and listeners thanked in turn, well-wishers acknowledged, all graciously and deftly.

    A remarkable journey, indeed.


  2. Doug: Thanks for your comments & for your interaction throughout the broadcast. I loved the photos you sent & i know Dawn did as well. Great poem too.
    I see the webcam as a bit of fun & for the reasons you mentioned. I pushed to have it included a few years ago. You do get used to it being there. The live video feed on the final night is a bit of fun too, as you can play up to it. Not sure i'd want it all the time though.
    I've just received a recording of that final hour & will listen to it later. After i've prepared myself ;)