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Saturday 23 June 2012

Royal Military Canal Walk - Pett to Rye.

A walk along the Royal Military Canal between Pett & Rye. Taking in Camber Castle.

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  1. Thanks, Andy. Enjoyed this very much. Incidentally, recently learned through my sister's researches that my father's father was born in Hastings. Always thought he was born in High Wycombe where the family settled. Small world!

  2. My pleasure. What was your Granfathers name? Not that i'd know of him, but it may be a family name that i've heard of. So, i'm showing you the land of your ancertors?!
    As you say, it's a small world :)

  3. [Posted this comment at the same time I left one on your "Art Of Doing Nothing" video but it didn't seem to stick. I'll try again.]

    His name was Ernest Hutchins, born 1881. I looked at the information again and noticed that the place of birth actually reads "Battle, Hastings, Sussex," so I'm guessing Battle was the town and Hastings was the administrative seat? Yes, indeed, the land of my ancestors. Who knew?!

  4. Yes, Battle was probably the town. It's only 7 miles inland from Hastings. You can't get much more historic than having an ancestor born there can you?
    I don't know anyone of that name, but will keep my eyes peeled :)