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Sunday 20 November 2011

AudioBoo - It Could Be Me.

It Could Be Me. (mp3)

The National Lottery and me.
I won, twice!


  1. Congratulations, Andy. Sounds like you're on a roll. Very coy of them not to tell you how much you've won. I thought you showed remarkable restraint in not checking immediately, though I suppose it made speculating about a windfall all the more interesting.

    I occasionally buy lottery tickets, usually when the prize is big, though it's not as if I'd be upset if I only won a million or two. You mentioned there were more tickets being sold with the recession. Apparently some people buy them as part of their retirement "strategy". Probably the same folks who buy Franklin Mint coin sets as investments.

    I like the idea of purchasing tickets online and having your numbers checked automatically. I usually check mine on the lottery website, which features this disclaimer:

    "While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website, no warranty of accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied."

    Hardly reassuring, so I follow up with a visit to the grocery store where there's a scanner that checks your number. Of course I also worry that the scanner has malfunctioned, so I keep the tickets for several weeks so I can check them again later ... on the unreliable website. So you see the whole experience is fraught.

    (My iMac has been giving me grief lately. I've already done a hard-disk restore from my backup drive, so if I drop out of sight in the next while, you'll know what the explanation is.)

  2. Dugal: Third time lucky, hopefully ;)
    Having the tickets checked online is a godsend, because i'd probably forget to check them otherwise. So many prizes go unclaimed & the money ends up going back to the company/government.
    Here's hoping your iMac gets better soon.