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Sunday 27 November 2011

The Modern Gig Going Experience.

A bit of a follow up to a recent blog post called 'Twitter & TV".
Here's a link to it:

There will be a further part to this discussion. I'll post it sometime in the next few days.


  1. What surprises me these days is seeing video of concerts where everyone is standing. I'm from an era where, if you bought a concert ticket (the exception would be an outdoor music festival), you expected to be provided with a seat and, at least most of the time, you sat in it. The spectacle of a crowd standing in a venue cheek-by-jowl, swaying, jumping or waving their arms in unison strikes me as disquietingly tribal. Yes, well, I'm a bit of fuddy-duddy. And I'd undoubtedly be doing a slow burn if someone was blocking my expensive view with a lighter, camera, cellphone or, God forbid, an iPad.

    I know from personal experience that if you're shooting video or stills you're not fully experiencing what's around you. I understand the impulse and have enjoyed reminiscing over photos and videos, but it can become obsessive—like those poor harried souls on tourist buses frantically running around snapping pictures in order to preserve the moment and prove they were there, in lieu of actually experiencing something deeper and more complete while they ARE there.

  2. Dugal: I did think of your point about standing up. Whilst i can see why it happens at a gig, it also happens at sporting events, especially soccer here in the UK, where people pay good money for a seat & then stand up through most of the game.
    Not good if you've taken your young son along to the game & he then can't see a lot of it.