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Wednesday 9 November 2011

AudioBoo - Someone At The Door.

Someone At The Door. (mp3)

Don't you just hate it when unsolicited people knock on your door? Or, is it just me?


  1. Do not hang that sign on your door! There's nothing a salesperson likes more than a "No Solicitors" sign - they generally take it to mean "sucker lives here."

  2. I have a friend who has developed a relationship of sorts with an elderly Jehovah Witness who comes to his door. The man has apparently given up trying to proselytize him, at least aggressively. Instead, he knocks, my friend answers the door, and the two of them chat about the weather for a couple of minutes before the man hands my friend a copy of the Watchtower and goes on his way. On one occasion, however, my friend was walking past his front door when he noticed the man coming up his path. Since he wasn't in the mood for a conversation that day and since his door has a window in its upper third, my friend scrambled to the floor to avoid being seen. After a few knocks, his copy of the Watchtower was duly deposited on top of his head through the mail slot.

  3. Ken: Thanks for the advice. Never thought of it that way before. But, at least it would give me the right to throw a bucket of water over them straight away ;)

  4. Dugal: Nice story. I especially like the way your friend sneaked into his own house. That's part of my problem, the fact that we feel the need to do that. I like your friends approach to the issue, but would rather they just didn't waste my time in the first place.