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Wednesday 30 November 2011

I Did It.

Celebrating a month of uploading content every day.

Well done to all those who have completed their own challenge during November.

 DugalWest's poem:


  1. Well done! A great month of content and inspiration. Thanks for that and the extra effort you made in commenting on my comments. Much appreciated. You're a gifted communicator with a lively mind. I think Blogger is a great place to gather your content. I really enjoyed the variety of media. Each has its strengths and attractions.

    Last but not least, thanks for the mention in your video. I think it does help to know you have an appreciative audience and I'm glad I could play a part.

    Oh yes, and I might have complained prematurely about the lack of snow. ( from this morning)

  2. Dugal: Thank you & as i said, thanks also for your comments this month. With anything like this, it's always good to know that there are people reading, watching or listening to what you're putting out there. The fact that they also appreciate it is an added bonus.
    I enjoy combining the different forms of media. They all bring there own challenge. I've already recorded an AudioBoo for tomorow.

    Looks like Winter may have arrived. For you at least.