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Wednesday 16 November 2011

AudioBoo - It's That Time....

It"s That Time.... (mp3)

'Tis the time to start preparing for and thinking about Christmas. Whether we want to, or not.


  1. Relatively mild weather here, too, and as yet no snow. Hard to believe Christmas is less than six weeks away. I must ask you whether making Christmas cake is something of a tradition amongst English males because my father, also English, used to bake Christmas cake each year. He'd been a short-order cook in his youth and was very comfortable in the kitchen, but confined his baking to bread and Christmas cake. He baked his cakes in bread tins, and so square; two dark and two light. Very festive with their glazed surfaces of candied fruit, currents and halved walnuts. And while we loved the tradition, I'm afraid none of our family was terribly keen on the taste of Christmas cake, even though we appreciated it was well made. But once the short breads, chocolates and other confections were gone, we were pleased to have our memories of the holidays rekindled with an occasional piece of Christmas cake over the dreary weeks that followed.

  2. Dugal: Strange weather isn't it? It's got warmer again today here.
    This is only the second time i've ever baked a cake in my life, both of them being Christmas cakes. I have tried baking bread & did enjoy doing that. I really must give that a go again soon. Maybe in time for Christmas?
    Thanks for all of your comments recently, i do appreciate it :)