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Monday 28 November 2011

AudioBoo - What A Difference A Year Makes.

What A Difference A Year Makes. (mp3)

This time last year.....


  1. Last year we had a proper winter. I include a couple of photos ( from Dec. 8/11 to demonstrate my point. These were taken on the third day of school closures. I'm sure we had significant snowfalls in early November. So far this year I've noticed two brief flurries with no accumulations. The leaves are off the trees but about ten days ago I came across a gardner raking leaves who said his rose bushes were still producing blooms. In southern Ontario the weather can be milder than in other parts of the country, but roses in mid-November are definitely not the norm.

  2. Dugal: For us, last year felt like a proper winter too. We've had some pretty high winds today, which have finally blown the remaining leaves off of the trees. They are everywhere :)
    Nice photos btw. Now that's proper snow.