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Monday 14 November 2011

AudioBoo - Playground Talk.

Playground Talk (mp3)

How playground conversations have changed over the years.


  1. I agree that the relatively few sources of news and entertainment we had in our youths created a sense of shared experience, a common language. With the wealth of media and information now available, it seems unlikely subsequent generations will have as deep a sense of common experience as, say, our parents' generation ... or ours for that matter. I don't see this as a threat necessarily. Indeed, I think it's already resulted in a broader, more inclusive view of the world at large. As for what today's 15-year-olds will be talking about 40 years hence: corrupt politicians and why you still can't get a decent cup of tea in America.

  2. Dugal: Certain topics of conversation will always persist & politics will probably be one of them. Not with school kids though i suspect.
    As for that cup of tea. I don't bother with tea anywhere but in peoples houses. I wouldn't buy a cup of tea in a cafe & certainly wouldn't drink one on an aeroplane.