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Thursday 17 November 2011

AudioBoo - Walking The Tunnel.

Walking The Tunnel. (mp3)

Another AudioBoo inspired by something i heard on the radio this morning.
Talking about my experience of working in and working in an Underground tunnel in London.


  1. Fascinating, Andy. I grew up in a city (Toronto) with a subway, so I have some sense of that subterranean world, but imagine hearing the propellers of ships overhead in the Thames! When you spoke about the strange noises and the eerie feeling in the tunnel as you went to check the fire equipment, it reminded me of my first full-time job in an old hospital in the city centre. In my early twenties I worked as an orderly on the night shift and one of my duties was to wheel the bodies of patients who had died during the night to the morgue, down a system of narrow, dimly lit halls in the basement of the oldest part of the building. In the year that I worked there, I never got to the stage where I was blasé about that: unlocking the metal door to the refrigerated room where the shrouded bodies were kept on stretchers, stepping into the cold, sour air beyond the dim cone of light from the hallway, groping for the light switch that was too far down the wall, scalp tingling, ears straining. And to compound my uneasiness, stories of cadavers sitting up as rigor mortis set in or sighing as the last of the air escaped their lungs.

    I'm riding your coattails a little this month. It's got me doing some writing again which I've been enjoying. :)

  2. I'd love to hear more about your work in that hospital. Sounds interesting, if a little spooky.
    So glad to hear that i've 'inspired' you to take up the pen again. I've enjoyed this challenge myself & will try & get through the whole month posting every day.